Nicolas Rémond

Software Engineer


[email protected]



Passionate engineer with over 4 years of experience in the industry, I am a team player and I enjoy tackling challenging problems.

I love Python and Machine Learning, but I have interest in anything related to software development and open-source.

I'm looking for a collaborative team with a strong, positive impact on the world around us, to build great things together.


2022 ~ Now

NLP Tech Lead


Improved the quality of the NLP features of the Fleksy mobile keyboard : auto-correction, auto-completion, next-word prediction, swipe gesture recognition, in multiple languages (82).

Implemented automated NLP benchmark, to visualize how well our features evolve across languages and across versions

Improve Language Model leveraging open-source tools, improving auto- correction for 97% of the 82 languages, up to 28% better in some languages

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2021 ~ 2022

Machine Learning Engineer / Engineering manager


Developed AI for automated floor plan generation in this proptech startup, using Reinforcement Learning. Worked in a team of 8, managed 2 engineers.

Implemented path checking algorithm with 87 times better performance than requirements

Established best practices and documentation standards, adopted in every technical teams of the company

Built a highly performant RL prototype (250 times faster than the existing model) which was later integrated into the main product, and used as guide for future work

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2018 ~ 2021

Machine Learning Engineer


I worked on several NLP tasks with a focus on text summarization within the research team of this Korean startup.

SOTA in question generation with BERT architectures

SOTA several times in text summarization

Developed a framework for deploying Pytorch models to production easily, used across several teams

Production-ready summarization API built from the ground up leading to a commercial product

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Feb. ~ Jul. 2018

Intern in Quality Assurance

Gracenote - Nielsen

Developed automated tests at industrial scale for smart TV.

Fully automated test suite for the ACR component, saving hours of manual tests for the team

Improved deployment pipeline to a new quality standard

Conducted tests for an administration website without supervision

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Jul. ~ Aug. 2017

Summer Intern

Episkin - L’Oréal

Developed automation scripts in VBA for database management.

Scripts still in use nowadays thanks to extensive documentation

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Jan. ~ Jul. 2017

Industrial Project Intern


Worked within a team of 3 students to completely re-design and re-write the kernel of industrial printers, from C# to C++, for optimization and refactorization purposes.

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2013 ~ 2018

Engineering degree (Master)